Submit Payment

To process your order for a STAR SHOOTER item.

1. Email in your order and your shipping address (for S&H charges) and we will send you an invoice for the total including taxes.


2. Paypal - Deposit Payment will be processed through the Secure Payment Page of PAYPAL for international orders and local. Send in your order via email and we will send you a request for payment via  PAYPAL.


3. Cheque - You may pay also by cheque, allow a 4 day delay for the payment to clear. Once the payment is received STAR SHOOTER will contact you to complete the details of your order.

Please contact us by email for more information at:


4. Cash on delivery - We offer cash on delivery for locals only. You may pick-up your order once your item(s) are ready. We will notify you once your order is complete, and we will set an appointment together.  If we have to ship your order we do not offer COD as a payment method.


5. Credit Card- Now accepting Credit Card payments via SQUARE reader.


*NOTE: When paying with PAYPAL or SQUARE reader; a 3% ADM fee will apply to the total of your order.

Prices are subject to change at any time.